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Indian Head Massage, Reiki & Massage

South-Dublin based, years of experience.


Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive, hands-on healing art that is ideal for time out and relaxation with clients treated while seated.

Indian Head Massage

Works on the head, neck, arms and top of the back, Indian Head Massage takes you to a place of calm.

Holistic Massage

Works on body, mind and spirit level taking the body as a whole, it’s a gentle Swedish massage. 

Hello! I’m Christina

Licensed Therapist

My name is Christina – I have always been interested in massage / healing since I was a child.  I remember been asked by my Grandmother to massage her shoulders and loved the feeling of been able to make someone relax and feel comfortable. 

I volunteered with ARC Cancer for over a year doing Indian Head Massage and it gave me so much back that I decided to start doing it as a little business.  I am fully insured and have my qualifications for Reiki, Indian Head and Holistic Massage

My Expertise


Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive, hands-on healing art. Reiki is suitable for everyone, even babies and elderly people. It works to bring balance and harmony to all aspects of our being – body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is not dependent on any belief system. It transcends cultural and religious boundaries. 

During the treatment, the recipient lies on a couch or plinth and remains fully clothed throughout the treatment. The practitioner places her/his hands in various positions on or just over the body. There is no manipulation or massage involved.

The recipient usually (though not always) experiences a state of deep relaxation and may experience feelings of heat or cold coming from the practitioner’s hands. The Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into the aura and physical body of the recipient.

Holistic Massage

Massage is a form of tissue manipulation which has evolved over 4000 years. The term ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning whole. The holistic approach takes into account the person’s whole being, not just the physical symptoms or problems.

Treatment thus takes into account the effect on the body arising from psychology, environment and nutrition. Holistic massage therefore treats each person individually in the context or their own life, enabling the person to improve their health and re-establish their body’s natural equilibrium known as homeostasis. Most people from children to adults can benefit from massage.

Holistic massage is a softer Swedish style of massage which allows the client to relax and enjoy the treatment. 

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is the ideal stress-busting treatment for anyone who is suffering from aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headache, eye strain, insomnia, or poor concentration. It is a safe, simple yet effective therapy renowned for relieving symptoms of stress.

The beauty of the treatment is that it can be given fully clothed, it is non-invasive, so perfect for shy clients; and it is ideal for all the family, even pregnant mums and grandparents.

It cover the top half of your back, arms, shoulders, neck, head, face and about 10-15 mins balancing of the chakras.

Getting Started is Easy

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My Approach

Get in touch by phone, email or through my website and we can have a chat to discuss your requirements.  Having worked in this area for many years I’ll be happy to offer advice on what will be most suited to you as an individual.  

You can view some certifications I’ve obtained in order to practice further down this page.

"I've had Reiki with Christina for several months now and find her knowledgeable, very accommodating and I always leave feeling on top form"

Elaine, 47, Dublin

"Christina recommended Indian Head Massage as a means of enabling me to switch off from a difficult period in my life, I now wouldn't be without it as it enables me to enjoy some real me-time"

Mary, 57, Dundrum

"I moved to a new area and Christina came recommended to me, her massages are the ultimate in relaxation"

Mandy, 34, Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which treatment is for me?

The best way is to discuss what you are looking for with me and how best I can help you – everyone is different and I am sure we will be able to come up with the right treatment for you.

If I’m on medication do I need to advise you?

Yes you do, as I will need to know what it is used for so I will be able to help.  Medications can affect the treatment that I will be performing on you.

I have sensitive skin? Or sensitive to smells?

Yes – although the Oil I use is good base oil and should not have any affect on your skin. If you are sensitive to smells please let me know so when I am getting the room ready I do not have any over powering incense smells.

Do I need to book more than one session?

No you can have an appointment and see how it goes and contact me for another if you wish.

Can I get more than one treatment done at a time?

If you wish to have more than one treatment that should not be a problem but I would advise that you have the treatments separately first so you know how each affects you.

What’s the difference between Indian Head Massage and Holistic Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a massage of the top half of you body and Head with some energy work while Holistic Massage is a gentle Swedish type of massage which takes in the whole body – including the stomach (but you do not need to have this done if you do not wish).

What oils will you use during treatments?

The Oil I use is Grape seed.

When will I feel the benefit of treatment?

By the end of the treatment you should feel more relaxed – drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins for the remainder of the day and the following day you may feel tired but I will go through all that with you before the end of the treatment.

How often should I go for a treatment?

I would suggest maybe for the first two weekly but I leave that up to you to decide – you are the best person to gauge your own body and when and if you need another treatment.

What’s the difference between Reiki and Indian Head Massage?

Firstly Reiki and Indian Head Massage would involve some energy work on the chakras – you are fully clothed for both.

Reiki you will lie on the Plinth while you seat on a chair for Indian Head Massage.

Indian Head Massage is a massage of the top half of you body and head with some energy work while Reiki is energy work on the whole body for the full session.

How long will each treatment take?

Indian Head Massage – 45 mins (15 mins extra for first consultation)

Reiki -1 hour (15 mins extra for first consultation)

Holistic Massage – 1 hour maybe an extra 10/15 if I feel you need it and I have the time (15 mins extra for first consultation).

Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have. Please note though, that if you are in need of urgent medical attention you are advised to contact your GP, hospital or 999.

(086) 881 5757 Text For Call Back

South Dublin, Ireland.

Terms: 24 hours notice of cancellations required on all bookings.